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Bo Razón
About "Sahara Mon Amour"
An ethnofusion piece in a genre I'm calling Sinulog Son, a tune with elements of the Sinulog subgenre in Maguindanaoan (southern Philippines) music placed within the rhythmic framework of a Cuban son, while a ‘desert nomad’ melody floats above it all. This piece was inspired by my ongoing fascination with the desert nomads of the Sahara-Tuaregs, Bedouins, etc- and I thought the Berberesque melody played on the Saronay gong instrument might sit well inside a Son Cubano rhythmic structure.

Bo Razón is primarily a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, and educator. His influences are mainly native music from North & sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia, Cuba, the Philippines, Brazil, the Caribbean, North America, the Iberian peninsula, and the Middle East. Passionate about traditional music of indigenous world cultures as well as by contemporary music genres, he see... more
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