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About "Five Hills"
A soldier, serving five years in the army, yearns for his lover and homeland:
I remember the five hills where we met
with the aroma of wild leek growing
When I think of my darling,
it gives me the strength to wait for five years
The dun-coloured horse that I ride came from the south
When I think of my love, I yearn to meet again
When I think of my love,
my time serving in the army doesn’t matter

Equus is a gathering of 4 musicians of very diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. Equus' performs original contemporary folk and fusion pieces as well as the traditional music of Mongolia, and Asia Minor, sung by world renowned Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Ganburged(Voice, Morin Khuur), and fused with Middle Eastern strings and a dynamic rhythm section, with a strong component of improvisa... more
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