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Roger Aldridge
About "New Tango No. 7: Passion"
This piece is part of a series of tango-jazz compositions. Each one explores a particular quality of the tango. Number 7 is a fast tango with a joyful and passionate spirit. Recorded by David Arivett, piano.

While New Tango No. 7 is similar to some of my other tangos in having shifting time and rich harmonic colors, it stands out with its 57-bar extended structure and ABCBA arch form. This piece is intended to be an unusual tango.

I am primarily a jazz composer. A wide range of influences are found in my music including tango, blues, samba, fusion, ragtime, contemporary classical, American roots music, and other kinds of music that interest me.

Listed in International Who's Who in Music.

Independent artist. A selection of my music is available for TV, film, theater, and other uses throu... more
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