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Roger Aldridge
About "Appalachian Awakening"
Appalachian Awakening is an extended piece that expresses my love of the Appalachian Mountains. The Rockies are beautifully majestic, but there is a deep-rooted soul in the Appalachians that speaks to me. The idea for this music came to me when I was hiking in West Virginia. I was not intending to think about a new piece of music; however, all of a sudden I heard the opening of the bossa nova in my mind and it expressed, for me, the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

This is a highly unusual composition in how it combines bossa nova and Appalachian-style fiddle music. The two sections were composed as one piece, with the fiddle music emerging from the bossa nova. That is, they are not separate pieces that were put together.

The mid-size ensemble score is for soloist, 5 horns, and rhythm section. Ideally, the solo instrument is a violin; however it can work with other instruments. The score was originally conceived for woodwind quintet (with alto flute) and rhythm section. Alternate parts are provided for an assortment of instruments within the range of each line. This enables the music to be played by many combinations of instruments.

Recorded by David Arivett.

I am primarily a jazz composer. A wide range of influences are found in my music including tango, blues, samba, fusion, ragtime, contemporary classical, American roots music, and other kinds of music that interest me.

Listed in International Who's Who in Music.

Independent artist. A selection of my music is available for TV, film, theater, and other uses throu... more
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